One of the most frequently asked questions is why don't my sources align. 

There can be dozens of reason why this can happen but here are the tools that I use in order to rapidly troubleshoot each sending source. 

Conduct this test with each and every sending source that your business uses (Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Zoho, Office 365) and check the results page to see where there are possible alignment issues. 

Step One - enter your domain name and check the email section SPF / DKIM. Make sure that they are not grey. Ideally they will be green, but you may have issues with the record. Use the feedback from this tool to fix or update your DMARC and SPF policies. 

Step 2

Generate a disposable email address and send a test from your email service. 

Ideally your results should show:

SPF: Pass

DKIM: Pass


You don't really have to worry about any of the other sections for this test. 

If you have a failure in one or more of these sections there are technical issues that you will need to fix on your sending account. 

Note: Some sending sources or services are unable to send DMARC compliant emails check to see if the service you are using is capable and to find a quick link to a guide on fixing the issue. 

DKIM Alignment

Even if DKIM passes I ALWAYS open up the DKIM section to ensure that the domain listed in the d= section is your own domain name and not the domain name of the sending service. 

It is very common for services like Office 365 to send email on their domain not on the customers custom domain. Ensure that your d= is your own domain. And update your sending provider if it is not 

Step 3

SPF alignment issues

If the tool reports and SPF problem head to

You will enter in the IP address that was not in your SPF record and an email address at your domain name. The service will simulate an SPF lookup and provide a pass / fail at the bottom of the report.