If you have been sending emails from the domain for the past few days to a variety of email addresses including gmail. If you have validated that your DMARC text record is correct, you can:

Send a message to the following services, where it will be evaluated according to several authentication systems. For message reflectors, send an email message from the domain you wish to check, and a report will be sent back.

Message reflector: autoreply@dmarctest.org at dmarctest.org – DMARC reports sent every 5 minutes

Message reflector: check-auth@verifier.port25.com by Port25 (instructions – DK, DKIM, Sender-ID, SPF) - You will get an immediate response. 

Message reflector: mailtest@unlocktheinbox.com by Unlock The Inbox (DK, DKIM, DMARC, Sender-ID, SPF) - Somewhat unreliable. 

Appmail Dev - Debug Alignment issues - https://www.appmaildev.com/en/dkim

If you need additional help, you can forward an email generated by one of these tools to our support team to help you further diagnose the issue.