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Managing Your Subscription for DMARC Report Product

This article will guide you through managing your subscription for our DMARC report product. You'll learn how to navigate the subscription system, view your current plan details, make changes to your subscription, and add additional features.

Accessing the Subscription System

  1. Log into Your Account

    Start by logging into your regular account.

  2. Navigate to the Subscription Tab

    From the main menu, go to the Subscription tab. Here you will find various sections displaying your plan information and current subscription details.

Viewing and Modifying Your Subscription

  1. Plan Information and Modifications

    On the subscription page, you can see details like your plan information, current balance, and credits. To change or modify your current subscription, click on one of the available buttons: Change Plan, Change Card, or any similar options.

  2. Accessing Management Options

    Even if you are on a paid subscription, these options will be available. Clicking on any of these buttons will redirect you to a subsystem within Duocircle where you can manage your subscription.

Subscription Overview

  1. Homepage Overview

    On the homepage, you'll see an overview of your current subscription, including your balance and credits.

  2. Side Menu Navigation

    The side menu includes a Subscription button. Clicking this will allow you to view detailed information about your subscription, including associated payment methods and the next billing date.

Changing or Upgrading Your Subscription

  1. Manage Subscription

    To change or upgrade your subscription, click on the Manage Subscription button.

  2. Cancelling Current Subscription

    To cancel your current subscription, click on the small 'X' next to your current plan.

  3. Choosing a New Subscription

    Choose any available subscription plan. For example, select the Standard plan if you want to switch to that.

  4. Adding Add-ons

    We offer various add-ons such as additional message volume, single sign-on features, and parked domains. To add more mail volume, click on the respective option and specify the amount you need.

  5. Saving Changes

    After making your selections, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. If you don't see the save option immediately, ensure you stay on the page until it appears, then click Continue.

Updating Billing Information

  1. Filling Billing Information

    If your billing information is not already available on the website, you'll need to fill in all required billing details.

  2. Completing the Subscription Change

    After entering your billing information, click Subscribe to finalize your new subscription.

By following these steps, you can easily manage and update your DMARC report product subscription, ensuring it meets your current needs and preferences. For further assistance, please contact our support team.

Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

1. Navigate to

2. Click "brad"

3. Click "Subscription"

4. Click "Information"

5. Click "Subscription"

6. Click "Change Plan"

7. Click "Subscriptions"

8. Click here.

9. Click "Manage Subscription"

10. Click this icon.

11. Click "Standard"

12. Click the "Type or click to select an addon" field.

13. Click "Additional Message Volume 100,000"

14. Click this text field.

15. Type "10" and apply your coupon. 

16. Click "Continue"

17. Add your payment information.